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Cultivators are used to remove weeds and to dig where the land is hard and dry. So the cultivators are such that they can be compatible with the machines used for them. Their blades must be of good quality means hard and sharp. Their material must be rusting free. These are made according to the user’s specification. The cultivator’s important part is its blade so these blades should be strong enough so that they will not deform or bend during process. In our cultivators different type of blades are used which are suited to the needs of the customer.

Compact Model Harrow Disc Ridger Disc Ridge Extra Heavy Duty Tiller
Grooming Mower copy Tyne Ridger

Potato Machinery specification

Reciprocating Forage Mower

Rotary Tiller Rotary Tiller Multi Speed Gear Drive SUB SOILER Tandem Harrow

Terracer Blade USA Model Cultivator


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